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sorta daily battle through this so-called LIFE !! I like it, tho.. <3

"I’m thankful that God hasn’t let me go, because I’ve let Him go, lots of times. He rescued me and continues to amaze me with things that are beyond what I deserve for myself."
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"Someone once told me a story about long term relationships. To think of them as a continent to explore. I could spend a lifetime backpacking through Africa, and I would still never know all there is to know about that continent. To stay the course, to stay intentional, to stay curious and connected – that’s the heart of it. But it’s so easy to lose track of the trail, to get tired, to want to give up, or to want a new adventure. It can be so easy to lose sight of the goodness and mystery within the person sitting right in front of you."
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"Even when I hear nothing, I rest in knowing He hears me."
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reason #36 why stonefield is the best couple to ever walk the earth:

The constant hand-holding.

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